Why wear harem pants when you can wear a cone of shame

Guess what. Moses can stop wearing pants as of yesterday.

His new cone of shame finally arrived:


We are thrilled with it and happy to report that the largest size fits him very nicely. (It's an XXL and it's the Noah Lion one from Alfie by Petoga Couture and this is NOT a sponsored post. I researched this to find it and invest my money in #thankyouverymuch)

One really amazing thing about it that I did not expect at all is the fact that it is incredibly plush as much as it's very well-made. The velcro fastening also allows for it to be adjustable so that if/when we do trim some of Moses' coat down, it will still fit him in the snug way it needs to. It's also made of a material that is the same as the "minky" blankets that are popular for kids - it is so soft and silky.


We are VERY pleasantly surprised by just how well made this "cone of shame" is and it is so much better than the rigid plastic ones that you might get from the vet or can buy off the shelf at any big box pet supply store. 

Even better than the fact that we like how it looks as much as it is actually functional, it was less than $20 shipped from Amazon and that is less than what I have paid for other recovery collars. 

I haven't tried to machine wash it yet but I am pretty sure it will be fine to do that - something that I couldn't do with the standard rigid plastic cones that we have used in the past. Gotta love being able to just chuck something into the washing machine instead of having to scrub it when it gets gross as it will likely do. 

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