Warning: Disappointment awaits you

Do you ever wonder if there is/are any reasons why this blog is called Deerest Dahling? 

Do you ever wonder the reason why I go by the moniker Deerest Dahling?

Do I liken myself to a deer?

Am I admittedly obsessed with deer? (Meaning: do I have deer-related tchotchkes all around and about my personal life - whether that's in my physical space or otherwise)

There HAS to be some special meaning or connection to/with deer, right? 





Here is the truth: There isn't really any special meaning with deer as far as I have meant there to be. I hate to break it to you, but it's kind of arbitrary.

And, if there is any connection, association, or similarity to deer, the only thing that I could say I could identify with (of deer) is #this that I stumbled upon in the last year because of social media:

If I am like any deer ever, it would most likely be like that deer right there. Seriously.

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