Sometimes my dog has to wear pants

Last week felt like the longest week ever for me. The weekend was much needed and then something happened to my dog that just ended up getting worse and now, he has to wear pants...

I'm not kidding. He has been wearing pants since last evening and (thankfully) these fit him in just the right way so that he isn't trying to take them off. Let's not even talk about how ashamed he looks wearing them. 

So here's the thing about Moses, my goldendoodle... he gets very nervous sometimes which prompts him to lick himself compulsively to the point where he will lick himself raw and can get an infection. Generally, he's pretty healthy and OK. Sometimes though? He gets worked up about stuff that we cannot figure out and he will just start licking himself and not be able to stop.

We used to have a "cone of shame" for him when things got too bad.

And, yes, I made planner stickers for my planner for the occasion because why not? If my dog has to wear a cone of shame, I might as well have a planner sticker for everything like I do for anything else in my life. *shrug* (There are worse things I could have, friends. Example: Pants that don't fit Moses while we wait for his new cone to arrive because his last one finally fell apart despite all of the duct tape we tried to use to hold it together.)

Moses doesn't do well with the plastic cones because they make it hard for him to see and he will also take corners to sharp and scare himself. Thankfully, I found a new cone of shame that will be a lot better for him. Thank you, Alfie brand , for making something that will help Moses out...

We had to get him an XXL because he's a pretty big guy. I ordered it from Amazon and I'm looking forward to when it gets here sooner rather than later.

Until then? Moses is wearing these harem pants (of sorts) that used to belong to my daughter...

I have matching pants (because I have a growing wardrobe of matching clothes with my daughter) and I decided to wear my own pair on this first day that Moses is wearing them. Practice what you preach, right? Solidarity is very important when you are forced to wear pants and you might not want to. 

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