I hear that train' a comin'

I've been thinking a lot about the movie called Crash. Do you know this movie

I have suggested movies before this one but be forewarned that this particular movie is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is not for children, it is not safe for work, it is thought provoking as much as it can make you emotionally volatile and leave you feeling incredibly raw. 

The basic premise of the movie is that it shows you not just a big picture of life but it also helps you walk the different walks that other people might be walking all at the same time. It shows concurrent story lines of people's lives (of different ethnic, socioeconomic, educational backgrounds) and shows how they all intersect and overlap each others in ways that you might never imagine or think of because you are so caught up in your own. 

There are parts of the movie (and specific story lines) that you might really agree or disagree with just as much as there are lots of personal "aha moments" to be had because you realize something (and then connect it to something personal) that never occurred to you.
And then after you watch the movie, you might continue to have those moments. It's because the movie really challenges who and what you are as much as your connection of where you have come from and where you might realize you want to go (in life).
Still, it's a very good movie and not just because it won a lot of awards when it debuted in 2004.  Here is the original trailer for it and honestly? It just doesn't do the movie justice at all. 
Here it is on Youtube for $2.99 
Here it is on Amazon for $3.99+. I think if you have a prime membership you might even be able to watch it with that. 
Or you can always check your local library to check it out for FREE.

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