Good design just for your feet

Real talk about two things that can/will ruin even the best day for me: an uncomfortable pair of shoes or underwear.


Thankfully (and this is NOT a sponsored post), I think I might have finally found the holy grail of decent shoes to wear for the corporate life that I have to live at least during the business hours from Monday through Friday.

Blogfriends, the Audrey from Native shoes was finally restocked in the color I wanted and even though I have had them for maybe a week now? I wish they came in at least two other colors (warm grey and tan/nude) so that I could wear them with everything I own and also beyond my working mom life.

They are everything a shoe should be: comfortable, stylish and sophisticated, resistant to foot odors (keepin' it real, friends), and they also make me look taller and like my legs are longer the way pointed toe shoes are supposed to. (And that's why I wear pointed shoes more often)

The style of the shoe is a D'orsay flat. (Here's a more detailed write-up about the d'Orsay shoe style by Live About blog)  The name of the shoe, "Audrey," is absolutely fitting for exactly how they look when worn. I have been wearing my shoes with fitted jeans/pants and the other day I wore them with a skirt.

I've read some reviews about them - people saying they will stretch out over time but honestly? I like them so much I would even get them again if this sort of thing happened to me because that's how much I like them. 

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