Together is a beautiful place to be

 I previously shared about one thing I've done as a #girlmom. Another thing I do with my favorite student is wear matching clothing...

Such a sucker for this fast fashion from a flash shopping site. Sadly, these fell apart after not even a month.

What difference does it make

Honestly? It's hard to say. Or, maybe, I don't know (yet) if it does make a difference. I will say we have done the matching clothing/outfits for quite a while though.

It all started when I realized that it was an option because I could save money and buy summer dresses (for myself) from the girls plus section of Target. It was a double bonus that the dresses also came in a size for my favorite student. Occasionally there have been complementary/matching ensembles from other places. (Gymboree did this a time or two in the past. See below...)

Christmas when she was four or five. She was able to wear this for multiple occasions so that was nice.

And then I found out that I would have better luck with Target for dressing alike.  Target has become a great (and practical and budget-friendly) way to get matching dresses and it's such a nice tradition to have with my favorite student to go there every summer. I would even save money by just waiting (actually, I still do this) for the summer dresses to go on sale and then I would go and try on the girls plus sized ones and that would help inform the decision of which one to get for us collectively. It actually became something I started really looking forward to every summer.

This matching set was one of my all-time favorites. It was Hawaiian print. I actually still have mine.

How long can this go on

I really don't know. We are going to enjoy it for as long as it can happen though. It's truly a serendipitous thing that has turned out to be very positive for us. See... my favorite student is my only child. And it will likely stay that way.

Even after I had her, I kind of knew that she would be an only child. This is despite the fact that I come from a family of having two older brothers and two younger sisters. I even really love coming from a family with so many brothers and sisters. Still, it's just not happening (and it's not going to) happen like that for my favorite student. (And there are some very legitimate reasons why this is so for a whole other blog post.)

Still, dressing with her has helped her feel a natural sense of belonging and connection that (maybe) could come from sibling connection? I mean... it's not the same thing at all. I can attest to that for sure. At the same time, in the grand scheme of things, I know there will come a time when we (as mother and daughter - because I am not her "bestie" because I am her mother), when we might not be able to have the simple common ground of matching clothing.

This is from Cat and Jack for Target. We really like these a lot and this is from Fall-Winter 2017.

Who knows what good this will do

I have been thinking of what life will be like when my favorite student is in her tweener years and beyond. Honestly? I have been mentally and emotionally preparing myself for these years since she was a toddler (as a "three-nager") and I hope that in those moments when she screams at me that she "hates" me (because I know it will happen), we both will be able to look back at our years of dressing alike with some much needed fondness.

I hope that the memories we have of our togetherness (in dress) will give us the quiet contemplation and willingness to be more lovingly forgiving toward each other. I hope that in the times when my favorite student experiences life coming at her in ways that she never would have wanted to dream it would, she remembers that she has never been alone and she can (and she will actually) be fortified with true intrinsic strength of more than just herself.

This years set of dresses are from Cat and Jack for Target. 

Perhaps I'm way too wishful with my thinking and I'm thinking of things that aren't quite as weighty in meaning as they ultimately will end up being.  *shrug* I really don't know. But... it's worth a shot to do this, isn't it?

I mean... it could end up making a difference in ways that were desperately needed. Maybe.

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