Major life changes that actually happened after Konmari

... or I could say, the Konmari method actually really works. (seriously)

Note: The Konmari method is similar enough to Swedish death cleaning if you would prefer to call it that.

It's been more than three years since I first started the Konmari method. Technically I should have been done with the whole process by now but I'm learning that it doesn't always work that way and that's completely OK because the Konmari method can/will still work for as long as you keep doing it to completion.

Contractor bags (heavier than trash bags) are a must-have for serious Konmari session. 

The basic idea of Konmari is that the physical "stuff" that might naturally amass in your life will actively (and progressively) wreak legitimate havoc in/of your life. By freeing yourself of the actual tangible stuff, you end up being freed the intangible problems that might have been plaguing your relationships and inner workings.  You might also be freed of what is holding you back from things in your life that you always wanted but (perhaps) didn't think were possible.

It hasn't been easy but it has been worth it

Extreme purging and TRULY cleansing is never ever easy. It's part of the reason why the Konmari method is a gradual and guided process. If/when you are holding onto things (or even things are holding onto you), it can feel darn near impossible to make the much needed separation. And it can certainly hurt to let things go or be let go and (finally) be free of what burdens you.

Collecting firewood in the chilly seasons was one of my favorite ways to clear things permanently.

I will say that as you endure the process, it does get easier to let yourself let go of things.  And as there is less and less "stuff" there to distract and obstruct your view, you are truly able to see things for what they really are and (perhaps) how you always should have seen them.

The whole process hasn't be easy though. Not by any stretch. It would be a ridiculous understatement to say (at times) it's been an emotional minefield and (in turn) actually physically exhausting to endure it all.  Maybe this is because what I am having to purge isn't "the usual" sort of stuff people might be purging. It's actually "wreckage" that has been revealed as a result of surviving real domestic violence and abuse.

 One very major life change that came in the midst of the Konmari method was me learning that I (with my daughter) are/were actual victims of textbook domestic violence and abuse. The topic of domestic abuse and violence is a real hot button issue right now (and thank goodness for that). Not surprisingly, doing the Konmari method actually ended up revealing the absolute truth about what I had been told was "normal" of the life I had been (trying) to live.

I know the reason why the Konmari method has taken so long is because it's not just been about me getting rid of "excess" that might have accumulated in my life. At the risk of being pinterest-y and
"cheesy," I needed a hero and I had no choice but to become one for myself and my daughter.
Starting the Konmari method was truly been the catalyst of unearthing myself from being metaphorically buried by years of legitimate abuse.

Konmari's life-changing ripple effects 

I'm not finished with Konmari... or rather... Konmari isn't done with me/my life yet.  Still, my life is so much different than how it once was in almost every way.

I was able to find and make a home in an entirely different state (literally). I am actively working in a professional corporate environment (again) and in an industry that is completely different than where I used to be... 

The day I got my hardhat and it was official. I'm an obvious "noob" I did not assemble it right and you shouldn't see the padded strapping that is normally up inside the hard hat. Oh well. 

Something worth noting is that making the "career jump" I made (and the way I made it) took more than two years from start to finish. It was certainly not easy or fun and it required real networking by way of actual professional relationships vs. social media networking and connecting. To go about doing what I did required me to learn, cultivate, and actually develop new skills that would make me actually compatible to step move from one industry to another.

I'll always be a teacher and a visual artist no matter what my day job has be doing.

Konmari is keeping things going

Since I haven't officially finished the Konmari method, I'm trying to be diligent and fully committed to keep going with it. This means continuing to purge things. This week I actually donated boxes of books to my local library I really don't need since I'm no longer teaching. But the way it works is that you let go of things in order to make room what you might really want in your life...

One of those things is being able to focus and really dedicate myself to actually going to law school.
I honestly don't know where I will wind up when I am completely done with doing Konmari. I'm not too troubled by not knowing though since it's hard to argue that it hasn't already done great deal of good for me so far. Because of what I have learned (and seen and fully experienced) what Konmari can help bring me into, I'm very open to where/what/how things go. 

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