#AlltheFeelsFriday: Tonight You Belong to Me (Cover)

Not gonna lie. I rewatch this ^^^^ at least every other week. There was even a stretch when I was watching it every other day. (And when I first stumbled upon it, I watched it thrice in a row and then I talked about it to everyone for the remainder of the week. Seriously. I even forced my mom to watch it with me.)

There are so many great moments in this video:

  • How well the little girl actually harmonizes with her dad when they sing
  • The little girl's legit vibrato when she sings
  • Every. Single. Time. when the little girl makes them stop singing because the possibility that the fireworks are still going on (and they are not)
  • The part when they make the sounds of other musical instruments to include within their performance
  • The lovely sound of a the dad playing the pink ukelele - that's pink probably because of his daughter's preferences
  • The big finish of the little girl's singing and her dad ducking behind her so the camera can fully focus on her

Clearly, I know this particular viral video very VERY well. (And I don't even care who knows it.)

Anyway, it's just a really sweet and heartwarming video and it has (I think) over 16 million views and that's well-deserved. I think it's a great way to end a long week and bridge things into a good weekend. 

H A P P Y  F R I D A Y!!!!!!

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