10 years of day after day with a single Rainbow (girl)

Today is one that I celebrate my favorite student because she has officially entered into the double-digits and is 10 years old. 

Before the Michael's challenge, we did this the year before on a homeschool field trip for some crafting supplies.

A Rainbow every day is what everybody should have

I previously have discussed that I refer to my daughter as "my favorite student" but I also call her my Rainbow Girl. My reasons for this are both practical and metaphorical:
  1. I do not like to use my daughter's real name online (anywhere). Her online nickname Rainbow Girl (or RG) lets me still talk about her/share about her while also respecting online safety for her sake.
  2. Since as early as when I was pregnant with her, we have had some very serious challenges to contend with and move on from in our life.  RG's earliest memories (from when her father was more active and immediately involved in her life) included a lot of "storms" that I tried my best to shield her from. 
  3. Still, I couldn't always hide the mess that it left me in and she has dried my tears more often than what I feel like is ever OK for any child. (I'm not proud of this at all.) At the same time, I acknowledge that it all has helped her to become who/what she is and I am so proud of her. 

Her Rainbow spirit gives life

Something that is especially unique about RG is that she is the only flesh and blood relative I know. This is because I'm an international adoptee and I have no information or way to find out (for sure) about my biological family. 

This was a mom and me portrait session from when she was about one year old.

I was brought over to the US when I was only an infant and I have no recollection or possibility of leads to find out anything about my actual roots. That means that when I gave birth to RG, it opened up a single branch of a family tree made up of just her from me. And especially in the most recent years with her father not even close to an immediate and active member of her life? It's a big deal for us to just have each other to be family together. 

Mother-daughter handstands against a wall in the place we currently call home.

Way more colorful than any other Rainbow 

If there is one thing I can say about my RG, it's that things are never ever boring with her...

RG has just always been the type that brings light and color wherever she comes and goes. It's truly just the way she is.

And even after all that she has been through since she was born... it really and truly amazes me and I am thankful every day that she can be like this. It almost doesn't seem possible for her to be just how she is in spite of everything that she has had to witness.

Even in the times that have been the most challenging for us, I look at RG and it helps me to have the necessary "what if..." that I need in order to reclaim what we have (both) been stripped of and it's allows me to conquer things I never thought I could face down. RG's energy and spirit truly are like a force of nature of goodness and love and joy and hope that is the sharpest contrast to the dark of even the most destructive storms of life...


When I grow up, I want to be just like RG

One of my most favorite things about RG is the way she always surprises me with her perspectives, cleverness, and loving heart. Every teacher she has had can tell an account of when they witnessed her reach out or stand up for someone when nobody else would. And while it has happened sometimes that her sweetly unassuming spirit has been easily taken advantage of, thankfully, it hasn't stolen the pure love that she has in and of herself. 
From a homeschool field trip (almost a year ago) when we went to the National Gallery of Art

It's amazing to me that RG is 10 years old this year.  For all she has gone through, worked for, and pushed herself to achieve, I feel like she has lived far beyond the easy 10 years that she is.

(I've had over a decade of classrooms full of students and they say teachers should never play favorites. But... RG, you will always ALWAYS be my most favorite student EVER.)

Here's to 10s of many more years to come for RG to just keep on sharing and shining with the vibrance of the Rainbow spirit that she can't help but beam forth from herself. 


  1. Happy birthday, Rainbow Girl!

    A, I like reading your posts! You are, and always have been, inspiring to me!

    1. Thanks so much, Candice. It was a very special weekend for RG and I can hardly believe that she is in the double-digits. The time sure has flown.


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