The REAL reasons why I still have my food stamps card

I clean out my wallet about once a month. There is one particular item that I have continued to carry around with me despite the fact that it's a now (defunct) debit card...

In case you have never seen one of these up close, this is food supplement debit card. It's also known as a "SNAP card" and if you have never had to use something called EBT to pay for your groceries, you might not know what it is. Perhaps you have at least heard of it before but maybe only in reference to complaints that others have had against it or those who currently have it or have had it.

If you look really closely at the card above? It has my name embossed on it because it did/does belong to me (and my daughter) because we used to use it to able to afford to regularly eat.




I carry this card around with me even though I do not qualify for benefits anymore.

Truth: For a bit of time, I (with my daughter) received welfare food supplement benefits for some time because of very serious personal circumstances.This is because (despite court orders indicating that something else should have happened), the budget I used to have did not cover even the most basic needs of mine OR my daughter's.




My daughter and I no longer receive welfare support in any capacity. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with receiving such support.

As a matter of fact, I am and I always will be grateful for the fact that tax payer dollars (that I contributed to before and still contribute to now) made it possible for my daughter to regularly eat even on our hardest days of moving on. There are people (right this very moment) that can at least eat food today (even if their other needs) aren't even close to being met.

#This is the reason why I STILL carry my "food stamps" card around with me and I will never clean it out of my wallet. I am actively employed (now) and do not come even close to qualifying for federal/state benefits now. I actively work to earn a regular paycheck and I contribute to premium prices (offset by my employer) to be able to have health care for both myself and my child.

I bet you never would have guessed that I (previously) qualified and actively demonstrated (meaning: showed real documentation) for such a need of social service/handout/public grace. But it's absolutely true. And per the encouragement of "the system" and how it works, because of having that help when I desperately needed it, I was able to "get back on my feet" and be the parent/mother and actively contributing member of society and this country that I am pretty sure anybody would want to be.

Does this make me any worse or better than anybody else who does or doesn't receive such a "benefit?" Hmmm... debatable. The point of me even sharing this is just to say that maybe I'm a lot more like anybody else (and maybe even you or someone you know) than you might have guessed.

Some things to (maybe) reconsider now that you have read ^^^^ all that:

There's so very much more than what meets the eye.

Think thrice about judging a "book" by it's cover. 

Every single one of us certainly is fighting our own battle that might be a lot more like yours than you realize it.

Rising tides raise ALL boats. 

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