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Note: I will do my best to actively add/subtract what is shared below so it is always as current as possible. I will also try to make things as easily accessible as possible by providing clickable links. Thank you!

  • Planet Money - Can't get enough of Planet Money's weekly podcasts. I even go back and listen to them again because not only are they interesting, they also have helped me discover some money-saving tips and tricks. 
  • The Daily by New York Times - Fresh content is shared every day (Monday through Friday) and I always learn something new about current events. It's beautifully edited and content is always thoughtfully presented. 
  • Death, Sex, Money - Concise and pointed storytelling with Anna Sale of WNYC. I originally heard about this one when it just started and it was mentioned and plugged on This American Life with Ezra Glass. Regularly weekly podcasts examine and discuss things in very humanistic and interesting ways. A lot of what I have heard is thought provoking enough to help me see and have compassion of perspectives of others that I never thought I would consider.  
  • Inside the Hive - I'm a fan of Vanity Fair publications and this is one of them. Nick Bilton is the host and content is a hybrid of current events, pop culture, politics, economics and life. 

  • The Financial Diet - one of all-time favorite youtube channels (and websites) that regularly and actively discusses personal money matters and how/why to be awesome at them. Advice that they regularly dispense is practical, thoughtful, and always keyed on helping the viewer. They have had such impressive success that they even were able to publish a book consolidating all of their tips and tricks of personal financial success planning. They have an instagram account (of the same name) and they share really helpful information there as well. 
  • One Big Happy Life - a fellow Youtube community member featuring a nearlywedded duo of legit attorneys that offers pragmatic perspectives on the many elements of adulting that includes budgeting, retirement planning, hard decision making, healthy living, etc. They also have a website with written content.

Rewards and Savings:
  • Jet - I'm always trying to save money and I discovered Jet as a great alternative to Amazon Prime. I originally heard about it on the Planet Money podcast. Jet gives you the shopping and speedy shipping benefits of Amazon Prime all without the annual membership price tag. I have been using Jet since Fall of 2017 and their customer service is incredible just as much. If you try Jet, I will earn Jetcash. You can try Jet by clicking HERE.
  • Ebates (please see below for the way I stack discounts to save both time and money)
    • Click on the link provided and in bold
    • Look for stores that you regularly shop at and click through to the online site
    • Buy what you want but see if you can do pick-up-in-store (example: Petco, Petsmart, Target, etc.)
    • Wait a few hours and then go and get your item(s) on the SAME DAY you buy them (through the ebates link) - Voila! The closest thing to instant gratification you can get. ;)
  • Erin Condren - has stationery and lifestyle products of all sorts but I like the customizable notebooks and planner stickers most of all.

Important about Sponsored content
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