Together, we go...

You might have figured this out but in case you haven't, there will be times when I don't post on this blog and the reasons why are exactly why I do post on this blog:

Because time is precious and I don't believe in wasting it no matter if it's yours or mine. I'm not going to take something that doesn't belong to me. That means that your time belongs to you and my time? It doesn't belong to me as much as it seems like it does. 

While I haven't been here, I've been other places and I've been doing other stuff.

I've been trying to figure out ways to create as much of an unplugged childhood as possible for my favorite student/my daughter...

I've been carefully designing and creating an unplugged childhood and it's been been a fun challenge of sorts. It's meant me scouring and waiting and (finally) "pouncing" in the realms of ebay to do do things like acquire used books like the original release of "The Babysitters Club." 

I also had to go on a business trip down the coast to Atlanta. It was surprisingly fun despite the fact that I'm not into professional American sports at all. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the pomp and circumstance that comes with a good sporting event but ultimately? I'm a lot more dazzled by things and the people I consider to be heroes are probably folks that others might not call heroes. 

Until then, I am grateful for the rare opportunities like being able to stand in center field of a legit NFL stadium...

Mostly though? I've been doing what I can manage as successfully as possible. Years ago, I learned that while I can do a lot, I can do a lot better when I scale back so that I'm giving quality over quantity. This sort of thing helps me to be as completely present as possible when my daughter/favorite student is doing stuff like this for the first time ever...

I want to be able to be here and there and any where in order to be enveloped by whatever it is that I have carefully and thoughtfully selected to do with both my time, budget, and attention. And if it means that I am a whole lot less online whether it's on this blog or elsewhere? Oh well.

This life that I have with my daughter/favorite person (as much as with the rest of my family) isn't going to live itself. And for that matter? We have come a very long way to get here together and as far as I am concerned, there is a lot for us to reclaim of time and life that I never thought I would get to fully enjoy and share with the ones I love most. That's what living through this has taught me more than anything.

For as much as I don't like to think about it, ^^^^ that was a reality of my daughter's/my life since before she was actually born. But once she was born and during her most formative years? It was what we were forced to call a life and told we should be thankful for for any number of reasons as informed by other people's opinions and projections.

But here's the thing of it: "other people" and what they "think" or even pretend to know, "other people" and the way they insist is their "right" way because of what they push as "gospel" and "other people" and how/what the think the world is and will be?


What we do in our world?

(And, coincidentally, it's the exact same world as where "other people" are)

Well, we are going to keep doing how and what we do because and nothing less than that.