Yesterday, we ate our feelings

Last evening, my family and I declared that we were going to have F-U-N together. Things have just been a challenge for us all around and we just needed to take our minds of things and feel like even though we can't afford to go out to eat and we can't even think about going some place for vacation, we have each other and that's all we need.  

One thing we love to do together is cook at home. It's cheap enough to do this and because we carefully budget and shop at places like Aldi, we have figured out (in the past three years) how when we can have our own kind of fun. 

Did you know Aldi sells stuff like funnel cake mix? Seriously. They do. And every time I see it, I always pick up a couple just-add-water mixes for us to enjoy at home...

The funnel cake mix is a seasonal item and usually comes out in July every year. It's less than $3 for the mix with the funneled pitcher and if you already know how to do something like fry fish? You can easily make funnel cake at home.

Cooking at home isn't for everyone and (honestly?) it's taken some time for me to learn how to do things like this for my family. Learning things like where to shop and save money but not lose out on the good stuff in life is all stuff that I have worked hard to try and figure out.