Some history of my selfies before they were called selfies

Selfies are easily the hardest part of social media for me to get accustomed to. Maybe it's because a major part of my career path required me to be as discretely tucked behind a camera as possible.

A few days shy of almost 12 full years of the part of my career as a professional photographer

Before cameras on phones became so technologically impressive, I participated in "selfies" (or, rather self-portraits) usually only one time a year. I did this more because it helped to update my artist/writer's bio on whatever website I was managing at the time.

Here is a very brief history of my mirror selfies (with the cameras I used to shoot with) that gradually gave way to camera phone selfies (some not even with front facing cameras)...

It's so much easier being behind the camera vs. in front of it. I'm better with it than I was but still.

(I know. Short hair was a mistake for me. Give me a break. It was the "mom cut" that I gave into to make life "easier" when my child was still in diapers. I learned my lesson to not do it again. Seriously. I'm not even going to try "the lob" this year no matter how much more traction it gains when it's really trending.)

I don't want selfies to be important

I get why selfies are important. I am not even arguing that they shouldn't be important.

In fact, just the other day, a creative professional colleague of mine told me outright, "You need to do more selfies on your instagram feed. Seriously. It makes a difference. Just throw one in there every now and then."




*throws hands up because I don't want to have to care about selfies at all if I can help it*




Since I am not doing photography work anymore, I don't require myself to do them but I ended up doing one last year when I went to my day job's holiday party. Force of habit? Perhaps.

A requisite bathroom mirror selfie from December 2017 when I was at the corporate holiday party for my dayjob.

Making peace with the need for selfies

As with anything I ever have to deal with, this whole selfie thing will be a work in progress.

Perhaps if I don't keep making them out to be bad, they won't be so bad. Maybe I just need to change my perspective and be more open-minded and accepting of them. I mean it's not like Kim Kardashian didn't publish a whole coffee table book about her own selfies.


Maybe that's why selfies aren't my thing.

I'm just not interested in being Kim Kardashian.

Not even close.