7 ways being a #dogmom has changed me for GOOD

I have two dogs and other than my favorite student (pictured below with one of the dogs), being a #dogmom is maybe the most important thing in the world to me.

He was originally named Lucky. His name evolved to be Ducky. We think it suits him better.

(Before you go thinking, "OK. Deerest Dahling is clearly a #dogperson..." and then writing me off forever for that category, know that I have cats too. (that's right more than one!) For the record, I am delighted to be equal opportunity to both dogs AND cats.)  But, anyway, I'm talking about my dogs for this post.

Here's the thing about (my) dogs...

They (both) give me reasons to do better, be better, and push myself to KNOW better every single day of my life. Here are some of the ways and how they do that:
  • When I have gone through the downs and outs of life and feel like I could not trust myself (let alone others), they have helped me relearn the art of trusting again.
  • When I start to feel a little too high and mighty (for my own good), one of my dogs - and usually it's Ducky, gives me the much needed #sideeye I need to put me right back into my place where I belong and should remember to stay. 
  • When I have been scared (even for legit reasons) and I can't bring myself to "go out", I am forced to not be like that because my dog(s) needs to go to the bathroom OUTSIDE for goodness gracious sake!!! This forces me to immediately put myself beyond my fears and promptly be brave.
  • When I feel like singing or dancing like I know I shouldn't (because ain't nobody want to hear/see that), my dogs will not bust on me for doing it. Even better? One of my dogs (Moses, my goldendoodle) will try and be my dance partner!!! 
  • Moses is the goldendoodle. He looks better in buffalo plaid and a construction safety vest than I do.
  • When I want to experience the joy of sharing what I have, I can do that because my dog (Moses) and I can wear the same clothes. (I know. I KNOW!!!!!) Very often, the clothes actually look better on Moses but *shrug* it does help me be a lot more humble like I should be.
  • When I have to deal with who I really am - a person who maybe shouldn't be permitted to go to any nice restaurants ever because I spill stuff all the time.  My dogs will sit next to me and be my dining mates and I can feel like I am at a restaurant I would rather be at anyway because my dogs can be right there with me.
  • When my daughter fusses that she doesn't have siblings (and likely won't), I/we can still benefit from (some) of the life lessons that come with having a bigger family/siblings. Example: I can tell her "Stop doing that to the dog(s)! APOLOGIZE and stop being like that!!!

So there you have it. Dogs (and cats, too, let's be honest) are pretty awesome. 

You should consider getting one/some for yourself.

Or perhaps, maybe you can borrow one/some if that's a little more convenient for you.