Red wine for people who don't like red wine

I don't consider myself to be a red wine drinker but ever since I discovered Beaujolais Villages, it's hard for me to not want to enjoy it and nothing other than it.

I first discovered beaujolais beause of beaujolais nouveau. Beaujolais is a special kind of beaujolais that is released only during a certain time of year - in November. It is remarkably sweeter than the beaujolais available year round. But no matter which beaujolais is readily available? I love them all.

(To be fair, I don't know a ton about beaujolais but if you want to learn the finer details of it, Wine folly has a great write-up on The Secret to Finding Good Beaujolais Wine.)

The best part about beaujolais (at least my favorite - Beaujolais Villages) is that is very budget friendly. I have never paid more than $15 a bottle! And a single bottle will last me a good while.

Even better is sometimes I can find it on sale. A reasonable price will always make a world of difference to me. And even though beaujolais is so incredibly affordable, it doesn't sacrifice quality or value. That's why beaujolais is so remarkable to me. It's decadence truly sets it apart and that's what makes it such a beautiful paradox to behold.

Also? I only ever need to enjoy just one glass of it and that's more than enough for me. I like that it has a quality that always feels like it's absolutely enough while still leaving so much more to enjoy.