How to take on problems that used to "kill" you

Another very applicable title for this particular blog post could be "Color code ALL the things." 

Please note something very specific about what is pictured below:

The columns of numbers in the equations are all rewritten (from the original content) so that each column has a color dedicated to itself... now look at the picture...

That life hack/school hack/math hack that you see up there made one of the greatest differences EVER for my favorite student when we were homeschooling and then even doing home learning enrichment practice (meaning: homework) in her elementary school studies.

My daughter had great challenges with rewriting her math equations (on scrap paper) to be able to actually figure out the problems. I was determined to help her feel less defeated and I did some google searches and found the trick above. I don't remember where I found it originally but if you (or someone you know) struggles in math, perhaps this little trick can help you feel like you are #killinit in the area of mathematics.