Fairy gardening is pure magic

Now that it's summer time, my daughter has a lot more free time than she used to.  I'm not opposed to her enjoying "screen time" (as we call it in our house) but all the same, I have always tried so hard to give her different sorts of playtime options. 

It's so easy to have my favorite student plug away (quite literally) with personal electronics - even though any of her apps are geared toward learning more than gaming. It makes me miss the days of when we used to do fairy gardening...

When my daughter was in her early elementary years, I came across the idea of fairy gardening because I was interested in us learning more about kid-friendly gardening to grow our own veggies and fruits and flowers. For as much as I wish I were a decent gardener, I'm terrible at it. That's what helped me find (and really like) fairy gardening.

Fairy gardening is basically container gardening to make living miniature gardens that could just as much be kind of like miniatures/dollhouse gardens. What I like most about them is that you can certainly try and grow (from seeds) your own flora and foliage but with fairy gardening? You could also take a trip to your local greenhouse and then buy and replant flowers, succulents, and ferns.

After you replant your favorite plants and small flowers, you can embellish the topsoil spaces with decorative rocks and moss and then even add other miniature dolls or figures of other types. Since I'm a #girlmom, my favorite student was all about getting fairy "dolls" to play with between the two container gardens that we had set up for her. She had so much fun having them hide and "play" all throughout the gardens and it opened up a whole new level of ways to flex her imagination for creative play.

With the reprise of Jurassic Park being the big thing this summer, I could see fairy gardening giving way to a Dinosaur Park (if you don't want to call it a garden. It would be very easy to build different levels with rocks and potting soil and then add in dinosaur toys as much as the all-terrain vehicles that the park rangers might have. I could even see (if your child isn't so into dinosaurs) making a zoo park or a construction site complete with earth moving vehicles.