#AlltheFeelsFriday: Money - Pink Floyd HD (Studio Version)

This song (and other Pink Floyd songs) are so central to my childhood. I grew up with two much older brothers who always did their best to look out for me and that includes exposing me to GOOD music. 

This song is one that will always remind me of my eldest brother (nine years beyond mine) and when I would get to see him on weekends because our parents split early on. My brothers and I lived apart but I always loved the times when we would be able to get together. 

I have the fondest memories ever of my eldest brother turning this song up while he would help my mom (also a single mom for some time) by taking me to doctor's appointments. Or, in the summers, when he would sometimes live with us during his college years, I would pass by his room and he would be listening to this song at only the volume that it should be played at in order to truly appreciate it.

Something very curious about Pink Floyd is that the album of The Dark Side of the Moon can be played at the same time of the movie the Wizard of Oz and the music syncs up with parts of the movie that are oddly coincidental.

Watching the Wizard of Oz but listening to the Dark Side of the Moon can be done with directions HERE.

Here is the Wikipedia page about the "Dark Side of the Rainbow" and HERE is another article about about it.

And if you want to see the mash up for yourself, here it is...