Advice from Mister Rogers: Be one of the Helpers (wherever you are)

Actual picture of one of my many trips to the county social services office

Isn't it funny how stating the obvious doesn't happen nearly as often as it could/should?

Perhaps this is because when the obvious is stated, we are unequivocally forced to confront things that we would rather not. We are forced to acknowledge things about ourselves that are much easier to ignore because taking responsibility is more than just hard.

Here are some things of the aforementioned that I regularly have to confront (of my own) ...

  • You know better, so DO better.
  • A fool will always do things tomorrow.
  • Do it nice or do it twice. [this also is said in culinary education]
  • Expectations are just resentments waiting to happen. [said by one of my favorite people ever]
  • You should have just said no even though nobody likes to hear the word no.
  • Everything is negotiable. 
  • The grass will be greenest where you water it. 
  • Ministry starts at home. [told to me by a mentor I once had]
  • An ounce of pretentious is worth a pound of manure. [from Steel Magnolias]

It's just not that cut and dry

In the past three years, it would be an understatement to say that I have seen, heard, and experienced things both personally and in/of the world around me that I wouldn't wish on anybody. Every evening I watch the news and try to consider what is presented. I try to think about it with skepticism that allows for more than just black and white thinking.

I am not convinced that the best way to deal with things is to just look away from it all.  I am also not convinced that anywhere or any way that I might be means that I can't do something to be a part of solutions for a greater good vs. perpetuating the problems that are still here and will continue to be here whether any of us feel like dealing with them or not.

I'm not saying it's easy or simple to be completely objective and without bias.

I'm not saying that you have to pick a side.

I'm not saying that you can never take time away from what pains you to have to look at/hear/experience/remember.

Perhaps it's more that even the littlest and smallest things can/will make the biggest differences...

Another saying that I think about often enough is this...

*Insert something personal to you* is not a hill I have to die on.

Small things give way to bigger things

If any of us really stopped and considered the many opportunities that we regularly encounter in just one day of our given great big intersecting and parallel lives, I bet you would be surprised at how many opportunities you don't take to do the simplest and easiest things. These things, even with the most minimal effort on your part (seriously) might even end up being the very selfless acts that someone else desperately needed but didn't think they could have. And this works both ways so that you might be the bearer of receiving that act of goodness that you didn't think could/would happen.

We are all connected no matter if we like it or not.

And you just never know if/when the metaphorical bottom falls out (on any one of us - whether individually or collectively) how those connections will either be the safety net(s) that we need or not.