This is all for my favorite student...

My favorite student - Fall 2013
Depending upon how far back we go (and by we I actually do mean you and me together), you may or may not know that I affectionately refer to my daughter as "my favorite student."

I do this for a lot of reasons:

  • I was a classroom teacher in public and private schools for over a decade
  •  *ALL REDACTED        (Sorry I had to do this)
  • My daughter and I did homeschooling for a whole year as a sort of respite from the tolls taken on us from her being at the wrong school for too long AND because we also were recovering from  *ALL REDACTED        (Sorry I had to do this)
  • No matter what, I will always ALWAYS be painfully aware that my daughter has and will continue to take in everything that I do in my life and so? I try my best to be the best teacher I can in "the school of life (and hard knocks)"

Here's some "dirty laundry" I'm going to air right off the bat because... well, I might as well get it out in the open. *shrug*

Following (and even still continuing, actually) a very VERY complicated   *ALL REDACTED         (And the details of this are far more complicated than I could even begin to explain in just this one post but little by little, I hope that I will be able to share enough of it that it will make some kind of sense.)

To say that experiencing all of this has leveled me over and over again would be a serious understatement.      *ALL REDACTED        (Sorry I had to do this)

Christmas 2013 - On the driveway of the house we loved so much

 *ALL REDACTED        (Sorry I had to do this)

I have ugly cried more often than I care to admit and in front of too many that don't deserve to have to witness. I hate when it happens the most when I break down in front of my favorite student more than anyone else. This is because even before all of this happened, probably since her earliest memories, she has had to see me ugly cry over and over again.  *ALL REDACTED        (Sorry I had to do this)

Don't get me wrong, my favorite student and I are in a much different place than we once were.  *ALL REDACTED        (Sorry I had to do this)
I did a ton of research on where we could go to so we could really have a start - fresh and new.
*ALL REDACTED        (Sorry I had to do this)

As time has passed, and we have gone back  *ALL REDACTED        (Sorry I had to do this) I guess that's a good thing since maybe it means we are actually healing and moving on? Not sure.