The sandals and pants you could wear every day

The older I get, the more I try to simplifyy every single area of my life. 

Case in point: 
These sandals and pants that I would (if I could) 
wear every single day and for every occasion (if possible)...

Keep scrolling for links of where I got both of these items. 

I work in a corporate environment but even when I am not at work, I try my best to dress as "nice" as possible while also prioritizing comfort. Sticking to palazzo/harem pants or maxi length dresses/skirts and then having a go-to pair of shoes helps me a ton.  Also a bonus? Doing this is surprisingly economical both for time (as money) and money (as money) reasoning.

I stumbled upon these sandals on Amazon and it turned out that they were made by David's Bridal and not that expensive AND they have held up pretty well as much as they go with everything I might like to wear - either for work or non-work life.

Buy it from Amazon HERE

And then the pants? Honestly, in the warmer weather, I really like wearing this type of clothing over shorts and these are my current favorite. They also come in peacock green (that's what I am wearing in the picture of this post).

Buy it from Amazon HERE

For what I am wearing (not pictured), I like wearing a simple but fitted v-neck top in a solid color with a fine gauge sweater in a neutral color - usually black because I can be a bit of a klutz and spill stuff on myself. 

Occasionally I will wear a dress/skirt but both of the aforementioned are some great go-to's for office life as much as lounging around around on the weekends.